Welcome to Lagodan (pvt) Limited

Since its founding in 1976 Lagodan has built up a high reputation worldwide in the international manpower business. This has been achieved by providing quality service at realistic cost and by attaching as much importance to "after sales service" as to the "sale" itself. More importantly it is our absolutely clean, transparent and high professionalism that has earned Lagodan a pre-eminent place in the recruitment business both in Sri Lanka and many countries abroad.

Why choose Lagodan?

40 Years of service excellence. Lagodan has on-going contracts & more than 40000 job placements with some of the largest internationally reputed multi-billion dollar companies for the past 4 Decades.

Customized Recruitment. We conduct customized recruitment based on your specific needs.

Live Interviews. Our clients can interview our applicants via video-conference, or live in person at our office.

Government Paperwork Hassle Free. We advise and represent our Clients to obtain their government approval for hire Srilankan workers and our selectees to obtain their government approval to leave the country to the respective job opportunities within a shortest amount of time possible.

Settlement Assistance. We provide informational sessions to the applicants on how to successfully integrate into respective country’s society. 

Performance Guarantee. We offer a 3 month work performance guarantee for our clients.

Why Choose our workers?

Lagodan specializes in providing the most qualified personnel from Srilanka for Overseas companies. Our experience tells that our workers:

●   Are loyal and committed to their employers.

●   Exceed the qualifications required for their jobs.

●   Are willing to establish long term employment relations.

●   Fulfill the employer's expectations.