The following wage rates are recommended by the Sri Lanka Government Foreign Employment Authority as minimum hiring rates for Sri Lankans working abroad.  These rates apply largely to Middle Eastern countries.

The Government Authority insists on food and accommodation being provided by the employer for domestic and unskilled workers.  For other provision of food or food allowance and accommodation with air-conditioning is expected as benefits offered.  This is however, an area for negotiation taking into consideration special circumstances which merit alternative arrangements.

For specialized skills and trades which are in high demand overseas and locally, such as positions in petroleum explorations and refinery, shipyard repair and metal fabrication, the employer will need to offer more attractive compensation benefits.

Note: following wage scales are in US Dollars.

Construction Workers
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Unskilled Labourer: Janitor 150-175
Semi-Skilled: Assistant to Carpenter, Mason, Plumber, Electrician 200-225

Skilled: Cook, Carpenter, Mason, Electrician, H/E Operator, Plumber, Welder, Mechanic, Clerk, Store-Keeper, Concrete Finisher, Tile Layer

Senior Skilled: Above categories & Specialised Workers 275-300
Staff Personnel: Foreman, Junior Administrator, Senior Clerk Warehouseman 300-350
Senior of the above categories & Surveyor, Draughtsman, Part qualified or non-professionally qualified Accountant 400-450
Professional Staff personnel: Junior Engineer, Part-Qualified Accountant,  Senior Administrator 600-650
Senior Professional Staff personnel:   Medical Doctor (MBBS), Senior Engineer (B.Sc), Accountant (FCA/CIMA) 900-1200

Agriculture Farm/Workers

Labourer 150-175
Nursery/Breeding Man 175-200
Landscape Gardener 200-225
Farm Vehicle Driver 225-250
Field Supervisor 225-250
Veterinary/Agriculture Assistant 300-350
Horticulturist 700-750
Veterinary Surgeon (B V Sc) 900-1200

Vehicle Maintenance Garage Worker

Gas/Service Station Attendant 175-200
Tyre/Upholstery Repairman,   Lubricator Battery Serviceman 200-250
Auto Painter, Body Repairer 225-250
Mechanic Auto/Diesel 275-300
Manager 500-600

Hotel Workers

Cleaner 150-175
Bell Boy, Security Guard, Valet Boy, Chauffeur, Room   Attendant, Waiter 215-235
Clerk, Telephone/Telex   Operator, Storeman 250-275
Baker, Butcher 275-300
Cashier/Auditor/Accountant 300-400
Bell/Waiter Captain, Floor Maintenance Supervisor 400-450
Sectional Manager 600-650
Executive House-Keeper, F & B Manager 700-750

Medical/Hospital Workers

Janitor 150-175
Assistant Nurse 250-300
Midwife 300-350
Nurse  Midwife, Lab Technician, X-Ray Technician,  Physiotherapist 350-400
Specialized Services Nurse, Senior Physiotherapist 450-500
Head Nurse 500-550
Dental Surgeon (B D S) 750-1000
Medical Officer (M B B S) 900-1200
Surgeon/Dental or Medical    Specialist (Should be FRC) 3750-4250

Garment Industry Workers

Helper 110-125
Machine Operator, Ironer 125-150
Supervisor 200-225
Designer/Pattern maker (Junior) 250-350
Designer/Pattern maker (Senior) 350-600
Assistant Manager 350-500
Factory/Production Manager 500-1200

Transport Service Workers

Light Vehicle Driver 225-250
Bus Driver 250-300
Heavy Vehicle Driver 250-300
Scammel/Trailer Driver 300-350
Heavy Equipment Mechanic 300-350

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